China Academy is only fourteen years old

We have known that China did not carry out science before 2000.  


Before 2000, basic science is not an issue in China.  At that time, only a few scientists, even with the title of full professor, had no interests in doing researches. 


Only fourteen years, China has become an important force to current science.  





Reducing the P vs. NP Problem to the 3x + 1 Problem

Abstract: The relationship between P and NP is a key issue in computer science.

Though people have known that P \subseteq NP, whether P equals to NP is still uncertain.
This paper finds that the P and NP problem is strongly related to the 3x + 1 problem.
According to this finding, this paper demonstrated an example showing P \neq NP under two conjectures.
This paper firstly proposed a co-line problem based on the 3x+1 problem,
then proved that the co-line problem can not be solved by the deterministic algorithms
in polynomial time, and can be solved by a non-deterministic algorithm in polynomial time.
This example showed that P is the proper set of NP, i.e., P \subsetneq NP, thus, P \neq NP,
if two conjectures on the 3x + 1 problem hold.


Comment: This is a test for posting a spicy blog article. On one side, I think we have finished the proof. On the other side, I think everyone will think it a joke. So I will examine this paper one time again. Think it a joke, please.